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Roch Spirit Tags, Additional Tags Discount - PatriArts Gallery

Roch Spirit Tags, Additional Tags Discount

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We offer additional Roch Spirit Tags at a discounted price if you are already purchasing one of the same size. If you have already ordered one small tag, you can buy each additional small tag for $15, each additional medium tag will cost $18, and each additional large tag is priced at $20. Please select the size of each of your additional tag(s) from the drop-down to purchase.
Our canine "Spirit Tag" is a  medallion in Sterling Silver, with the image of St. Roch magnified under domed glass. 

Available in 3 sizes, they're designed for dogs, but humans can wear them too.

Additional tags are just that. They do not come in a pouch with a greeting and prayer card.

To order your first Roch Spirit Tag, please click on this link. 




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