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Michael Downloadable Print

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Feast Day: September 29

Invoked against Temptation

Patron Saint of Soldiers, Knights, Police Officers, Mariners & Sailors, Security Forces, Emergency Medical, Technicians, Paramedics, Pilots, Paratroopers, Mountaineers, Radiology, Fencing, Swordsmiths, Bakers, Coopers, Grocers, Artists, Endangered Children, Hatmakers, The Sick and Dying, Cemeteries, The Basques, Brussels, Cornwall, England, Germany, Papua, New Guinea, Storms at Sea
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The image at left is available as a digital downloadable print. Please click on it to view the details.

The symbolic imagery:
The border surrounding the sword-wielding Michael includes the Latin "SERVIO" AND "PROTECTO," a serpent, ship, knight, scales of justice, shield, radiating sun, thorns and a member of the Heavenly Host.
Click here to see the Michael Scroll image.

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