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Gregory Poster

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Gregory the Great
Feast Day: September 3

Patron of Educators, Teachers, Students, Scholars, Choirs, Singers, Musicians, Masons, Stonecutters, West Indies 
Invoked Against Gout, Plague and Fever

. . . . . . . . . 
Actual size: 12" x 18"

The symbolic imagery:

Gregory works at his desk, surrounded by books, music and instruments. A portrait of him leans against his seat. 

Two school boys peer in and a Roman aqueduct is in the distance. A dove sits at his shoulder and amused angels look down from behind the banner: Gregorius Maximus

On the stone wall are symbols of knowledge, Great Britain, the West Indies, a trowel, the papacy, and the legend:Servus Servorum Dei.

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