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Gobnait "Niner" Chaplet - PatriArts Gallery

Gobnait "Niner" Chaplet

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Niner chaplets are 3 sets of 3 beads and have been around for centuries, frequently crafted in monasteries and convents for fund-raising.

This piece is created from honey-colored carnelian and copper roses. It is finished with a St. Gobnait spirit tag and an unusual  

"Thermal Sensing Bee" that changes colors as you hold it in your hand. The clasp allows it to be worn as a bracelet.
(approx. 7.5")


(Sorry, this piece has been sold, but we will make a similar one for you.) 


Each chaplet comes with a velour pouch, greeting card depicting the saint (with the biography inside), a small card saying "may the spirit of ____________ go with you".  (Image is an example, not necessarily this piece.)


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