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Francis of Assisi Carved Frog Necklace - PatriArts Gallery

Francis of Assisi Carved Frog Necklace

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St. Francis is the patron of animals, and this sweet little frog symbolizes that he loved even the lowliest of creatures. And we need to protect our amphibians! (click here to read about Francis ).

The one-of-a-kind focal piece is hand-carved from multicolored agate, with details such as dots on his back and a lily pad on the reverse.  The beads are round Aquamarine, Aventurine and bronze.

Approximate Size: 17-18" adjustable.


(Note: The true colors might not be exactly as depicted - but we try to come as close as possible, and usually they look better in reality. Images are actual size, but please refer to the  ruler, as screens will vary) 

Click to review the details and components of pieces in the Evocations collection.


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