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Francis Downloadable Print

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Francis of Assisi

Feast Day: October 4

Patron Saint of Animals, Birds, Environmentalists, Promoter of Peace, Simplicity, and Harmony
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The image at left is available as a digital downloadable print. Please click on it to view the details.

The symbolic imagery:
PAX POTIOR BELLO (Peace is more powerful than war) entwines a dove bearing an olive branch. Francis is sitting at a meal with the Sultan.

Two African women are holding birds: a parrot symbolizing communication and an owl for wisdom. A church, pyramid, 
and castle, desert, sea, trees and flowers symbolize Francis’ world. Camels, dolphins, a wolf and numerous other animals have come together in a “Peaceable Kingdom,” with “Brother Sun” and "Sister Moon" shining from a turbulent sky.

Click here to see the Francis Scroll image.


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