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Brendan Downloadable Print

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Brendan the Navigator
Feast Day: May 16

Patron Saint of Sailors, Mariners, Navigators, Whales, Travelers, and Older Adventurers
. . . . . . . . . 

The image at left is available as a digital downloadable print. Please click on it to view the details.

The symbolic imagery:
Brendan and his monks look to the setting sun (west) from a safe harbor where a friendly dog is running to greet them. The main image is surrounded by an ancient map with a "wind-faced" compass blowing toward "Terra Repromissionis" and a mermaid. A whale holds a scroll with "Navigato Brendani" written on it. Celtic knots and a bird complete the outer border. 

One of my primary inspirations for Brendan was my husband, Randal Peart, 
who single-handedly crossed the Atlantic twice, in a 24-ft sailboat. 
That was over 30 years ago, and he still looks at every day as an adventure 
(as soon as he finishes breakfast).

Click here to see the Brendan Scroll image.


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