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Brigid of Ireland Tile - PatriArts Gallery

Brigid of Ireland Tile

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(or Brigit, Brighid, Bride, or Bridget)
Feast Day: February 1

Patron of Crafts, Creativity, Scholars, Poets, Dairy Workers, Cattle Workers, Poultry Workers, Blacksmiths, Healers, Brewers, Fugitives, Midwives, Infants, Printers, Sailors, Mariners, Travelers, Ireland, Irish Nuns, and New Zealand

The symbolic imagery:

A young Brigid is taking a brief rest in an oak-shaded bower; a lantern illuminates her book and musical instruments lie at her side.
A dog playfully chases butterflies in front of an oak keg, and an ancient bronze Celtic angel flies in front of a flame. 
Inside the bower are also a basket of eggs, a rooster, a sack of seeds, and Brigid's Cross. In the background are cattle, a stork and a traveler (who just happens to be St. Expeditus).
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