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Brigid of Ireland Downloadable Print

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Brigid of Ireland
(or Brigit, Brighid, Bride, or Bridget)
Feast Day: February 1

Patron of Crafts, Creativity, Scholars, Poets, Dairy Workers, Cattle Workers, Poultry Workers, Blacksmiths, Healers, Brewers, Fugitives, Midwives, Infants, Printers, Sailors, Mariners, Travelers, Ireland, Irish Nuns, and New Zealand

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The image at left is available as a digital downloadable print. Please click on it to view the details.

The symbolic imagery:
A young Brigid is taking a brief rest in an oak-shaded bower; a lantern illuminates her book and musical instruments lie at her side.
A dog playfully chases butterflies in front of an oak keg, and an ancient bronze Celtic angel flies in front of a flame. 
Inside the bower are also a basket of eggs, a rooster, a sack of seeds, and Brigid's Cross. In the background are cattle, a stork and a traveler (who just happens to be St. Expeditus).

 Click here to see the Brigid of Ireland Scroll image.

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