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Bees: Honey or Hive Touchstone Pendants - PatriArts Gallery

Bees: Honey or Hive Touchstone Pendants

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These pieces are hand-crafted in our studio with a cold-fusion process that allows our images to be viewed through an iridescent glass hexagon. (Because of the imperfections and light refraction, the bee will not be obvious except in the right light conditions.)   

All pieces include these components:
  • Greeting Card - blank on the inside and features a medieval bee skep on the front, with a quote: "The Bee is more honored than other animals. Not because she labors, but because she labors for others."  
  • Velour pouch
  • Adjustible 18-20" copper-tone mesh chain (pendant can easily be removed to use with your own)
  • (A portion of the sales will be donated to Coal Country Beeworks.)

Hexagon (approx. 1")

Approx 1/4" thick 

Choose from either the Honey Bee (appears to be under honey) or the Hive Bee (appears to be on a honey comb) 

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