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Win.Win.Win. . . Details

  • We reserve the right to decline making donations to, and/or promote, any organization we deem to be inappropriate, offensive or spurious. So you will be asked to identify the organization before we accept your offer. (Actually, it's just possible that the more we like your cause, the more likely we will be to accept your bid!)

  • We will require a reciprocal link from the recipient's web site and or/social media.

    • However, credited sales do NOT have to come from this link (unlike "affiliate" programs). 

    • We will provide a small image to use for this purpose. 

    • The organization will be featured at the top of our "worthy causes" page, and our visitors will have the opportunity to learn about and go directly to the organization's web site or social media pages. 

    • We will also have badges on the collection pages of this store, linking to the organization and stating that 10% of the proceeds will go to that organization. 

  • Donations will be made quarterly, via check or through PayPal. (We are a tiny company, not audited, and you will have to trust the sales figures provided.) 


Please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions. 


If you procrastinate, you'll lose the chance.