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About Ruth

It seems that since infancy I knew there was more to life than met the eye. Like all people I was bombarded  with “beliefs.” I was inquisitive and questioned many beliefs, but I was not the type to “rock the boat.”  I just listened quietly, all the while filing concepts and ideas in my brain’s “For Future Reference” file.

From the chrysalis of college, I emerged as a Spanish teacher. Marriage, children, and entrepreneurial life followed. As an Aquarian and the Blue Butterfly, I did not like confinement and needed freedom to express myself.   Each metamorphosis built on the previous one, all melding together to create who I am today. (Not that I was ever flighty!)

After teaching Spanish in New England, I retired to raise our two daughters. They have flourished and grown into beautiful and compassionate young women.  Along the way I established Alcara Design which was a successful desktop publishing business. Relocation to another state ultimately led to the dissolution of this business. My creativity then became channeled in the real estate arena where I helped many people attain their dream homes. In all these endeavors I was lovingly encouraged and supported by my husband of many years.

I found energy work as a result of hearing loss which appears to have begun after attending a Rod Stewart concert in the 80s. I believe we are self-healing Spiritual beings who are having a human experience. Over the years my hearing has deteriorated. I have not yet found how to return the hearing to normal - even with hearing aids. I know that I will accomplish this if having normal hearing is in my highest and best interest.  As a result of the hearing loss I am an advocate for those with hearing loss. Currently I am raising the awareness of hearing loss by accepting the challenge to participate (by walking and raising funds) in the New England Walk4Hearing.

A true Soul-Sister and fellow-Aquarian, a friend since our college days, Patricia Banker has been a loving supporter and mentor in the creation of my Chakra and Angel pieces. Pat has always had the utmost confidence in me. She often believed that I could do things that were out of my comprehension and expertise. Well, she was often right-on (as we Boomers used to say).

Ruth Mulcahy