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 We don't have a printed catalog, in order to keep our prices affordable. We will offer printable pdf pages in the future, however.

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AnachronsTM is an on-​going series of art work by Patricia Banker

The title “Anachron” is derived from “icon” and “anachronism.”

The orig­i­nal paint­ings incor­po­rate a mon­tage of images gleaned from hun­dreds of dif­fer­ent sources, rang­ing from ancient to con­tem­po­rary. The tech­nique is a painstak­ing process which com­bines the use of an elec­tronic “paint­brush” with tra­di­tional media and meth­ods. Before a piece is even begun, months of research are spent find­ing inspi­ra­tion and sources of infor­ma­tion. As with tra­di­tional icons, these images are filled with sym­bol­ism — some obvi­ous, some sub­tle. But the style is a mix­ture of peri­ods and cul­tures. A tree, a face, a flower, a ges­ture, or sit­u­a­tion might evoke a well-​known paint­ing. Stark medieval imagery may be com­bined with Victorian sen­ti­men­tal­ity. Many have salient quo­ta­tions incor­po­rated within the design. The pieces are intended to be inspir­ing, whim­si­cal and informative.

Each plaque is mounted on solid renewable-​forest wood (½” thick), fin­ished with an antique patina and touches of gilt, pewter, or cop­per. Also included is an “illu­mi­nated man­u­script” on parch­ment paper ( 8½” x 11″ with 8×10 area for fram­ing) which describes the intrigu­ing details (fact & fic­tion) of the individual’s life, as well as offer­ing rel­e­vant cul­tural and his­tor­i­cal information.

A hanger is attached to the back and each piece is signed by the artist.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

Available in four sizes: Approximately 5 ½ x 7 ½ inches, 7¼ x 10 inches, 10 x 13 inches, & 12 x 16 inches

Please click on an Anachron image below to see a larger image and/or purchase one.

Ceramic Tiles

Our AnachronsTM are also available as ceramic tiles. 

They include all the same features as the wood pieces, including the "scroll," but are waterproof and can be used outdoors. (The colors do tend to be more vivid.)

We offer them in 2 sizes:
6" x 8" x ¼" and 8"' x 10" x ¼"

(They can also be produced as mosaic murals, please 
email us if you're interested)

Signed and dated; wire hanger is attached to the back. The tiles can also be mounted permanently on a wall, as with any ceramic tile. (Let us know if you don't want the wire hanger on the back.) Note: If tile is not in stock, it may take several weeks for delivery. Please let us know if time is an issue.

Note, in addition to the Saints Preserved Collection of tiles, you'll also find tiles from 

 Sun Dancer & Moon Chasers and Pam's Place.

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