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About Us

Since 1997, I’ve been working on a series of art based on the less popular, but more interesting patron saints, angels and folk-heroes. (Francis and Michael are notable exceptions.) Each piece involves months of research and I found some of it so fascinating that I want to share it, so I’ve been building various sites – an ongoing, never-ending process.  See Saints Preserved  and the Hildegarden for examples (I apologize for any missing/out-of date info. It could be a full-time job, but my art still comes first!) Please send us your own info – we’d be happy to link to your site if we feel it’s appropriate.  (Actually, I’ve gotten inspiration from people who have contacted me – St. Gobnait  and Brian Boru were results of people sharing their ideas. Also, I changed the colors on my Archangel Gabriel because of someone who had seen him.)  If you’d like to know more about the origins of my inspiration and the process, please visit the About The Artist pages. 




PatriArts Gallery is the name of our sales site. It’s mostly an online, “virtual” gallery, and we ship our pieces all over the world from the historic post office in the small town of Buchanan, Michigan. (Just across Lake Michigan from Chicago and just across the state Border from Notre Name.)

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Our studio/workshop is on the “garden level” of a craftsman-style house which we’ve been renovating for several years; we welcome visitors, but it has to be by appointment only. (The "garden view" is at the top of our site.)

So please call or email us first to schedule a visit.
We’d hate for you to make a wasted trip!

(Select pieces are available for sale at Fernwood Botanical Garden and Buchanan Art Center.)

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pamPam Kirkham is our Go-To Person for anything from making Anachrons™ to store management to updating web pages. In addition to getting our Gallery up and running, she is an extraordinary artist, teacher, life-guard (!), singer.  

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ruthRuth Mulcahy is certified in Donna Eden energy medicine and applies her skills and wisdom to create wonderful spiritual jewelry. In addition, she manages our Luna Moth hatchery.

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Cammy Canis (my grand dog) and her step-brother, Charlie Barker, frequent visitors to the studio, are always willing to help in whatever way they can. They are serving as guard dogs in one pic and role models for joie de vivre (or “Labs Can Go Wild”) in the other. They are also featured in our St. Roch’s Resources pages. -Patricia