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About TouchStones

"Touch" has such diverse implications...physically, mentally, spiritually…and in the process of creation, each of our pieces has been "touched" in those hand, heart and spirit. Our patrons have been "touched" by the artwork and the message, and in turn use them to "stay in touch" with their own feelings.

Though touching often involves reaching-out, these stones are meant to be held close. (Except when they are given to loved ones - including pets - so they might also be "touched.")
Someof our gemstones
"Stone" provides the earth element, grounding, physicality, and energy. We use ethically-sourced natural stones and gemstones (never gems), glass nuggets, sterling silver, bronze and copper (never gold). Most of our touch stones are under $50 and each is unique. Others are combined to create unique necklaces, chaplets, bracelets and more. 

(Pictured is an example of some of the gemstones we use in addition to glass and beach pebbles.)

With the exception of a few components, everything is made in our Michigan workshop
A portion of our profits is donated to appropriate worthy causes each year.

Note: Because they are not mass-produced, the pieces are not "perfect." We use a "cold-fusion" process to bond our images to the stone or glass. We feel this aspect adds character and style. Also, because each is slightly different, what is depicted is probably not exactly what you'll get. (We do offer a full refund if you are not satisfied.) 

Adapted from our Anachrons, each piece is unique and signed or initialed by the artist. (We're happy to consider custom orders.)
All TouchStones include the following components:

  • The piece, contained in a cloth pouch
  • Greeting card & envelope (shows the complete image) with facts & lore printed on the inside left. Inside right is blank.
  • Gift card saying "May the spirit of [whomever is depicted] go with you." The back explains the process, etc.

. . . . . . . . . . . .
You may order TouchStones separately or combined with cords, necklaces, key rings, book marks, etc.

They can be found throughout the store, in various collections.