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About the Artist

The Saints Preserved™ series began about 15 years ago with a sculptural plaque of Fiacre, a saint I discovered while researching the patron saint of gardeners. Based on what I had learned about him, I was inspired to sculpt a plaque to hang in my garden.  When I was finished, it occurred to me that other people might like to have one - and that they would also be interested in the story of St. Fiacre’s life. So I wrote a brief biography and, thanks to my desktop computer, was able to present it as an interpretation of an illuminated manuscript.
    As I was digging up bits about Fiacre, I also discovered St. Expeditus. When I learned he’s invoked against procrastination, I adopted him as my personal patron (as soon as I got around to it). 

   Then I began to find others who fascinated me - Brendan the Navigator who began his incredible voyage at age 80 (My husband single-handedly crossed the Atlantic twice in a 24ft sailboat, but he was 40 years younger); Brigid of Ireland, a wondrous woman; Ivo, the Honest Lawyer….
    Their stories may have been mostly legendary, but I saw these people as courageous heroes who embody values that transcend religious boundaries. They possessed “grace” and “spirit,” “heart” and “soul” (in every sense of the words). They were creative innovators who defied convention. They consistently put the good of others before their own. They had so much integrity that they were willing to die for their beliefs - and many of them did. In this the third millennium AD, it seemed to me that we’re greatly in need of classic, “graceful” heroes....
    Four years after Fiacre, when I had finally sculpted 10 pieces, I felt I was ready to make castings of them and offer them to the public. It turned out that as I was developing my techniques, technologies were developing just as I needed them.  New art materials and media, electronic painting and publishing, and of  course, the Internet, enabled me to do what would have been impossible when I created my first Fiacre.

   Several years after that the sculptural plaques, (still available), evolved into Anachrons™, a term I coined to describe a new process/medium I’d developed.  Then, again thanks to new media, the Anachrons™ were also able to become Art-to-Wear, Spirit Stones, greeting cards and more.  

My latest inspiration has been Hildegard von Bingen. What a woman! Instead of making an Anachron™ of her, I decided to enhance  her own incredible images, offering them as prints, art-to-wear and more.

   "Virtual Reality" has been good to me. From my home library in Royal Oak Michigan in 1997, I started selling world-wide. (Designing an online store was not easy then, and I owe a lot to my engineer husband who kept encouraging me.) Soon I needed more space and built a small garden shed. About 8 years ago we moved to beautiful SW Michigan where I have a 10x12 studio near our house in the woods.  The business quickly outgrew that and now it's where you see it on
About Us.         

   Any artist/writer will tell you that it's an extraordinary blessing to be able to earn a living doing what you would do for free. But none of this could have happened without the blessing of having family and friends (some with me now only in spirit) who continue to provide tremendous help and support, in so many ways. (Actually, I might have helped some of them on their way to sainthood.) -pb



…graduated Miami University, Oxford OH…English/Art…public/parochial school art teacher…printing press operator…ad agency art director…own graphic design studio…magazine publisher…newspaper columnist…book writer/editor…magazine editor…book editor/designer…artist/writer…founder of…web designer…owner of

Along the way…married mad Englishman/New Zealander…3 sons in 4 years…somehow managed to raise them to be wonderful young men who were able to attract wonderful young women to be their wives…who have contributed 2 grandchildren so far, 2 grand dogs and 2 grand cats….  

Born in Cincinnati. Live in SW Michigan.

If there's anything else you want to know, please feel free to email me.

PS: All of my Anachrons™ are inspired by my personal and spiritual connections.  I've described the inspiration for each one in detail with each piece.