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Uriel Archangel

Archangel Uriel plaqueFeast Day: July 28

Patron of Ecology, The Earth, The Arts, Wisdom, Knowledge, Confirmation (Anglican), and September

The symbolism and inspiration:
Uriel has been nearly a decade in the making. I have had numerous requests to paint the fourth, "mysterious" archangel, but the inspiration just didn't "come together" - until now. It's summer 2010, and every day I struggle to keep from weeping over the latest news reporting what human hubris has done to our beautiful earth and its innocent creatures. 
Although the Roman Church stopped officially recognizing him over 1200 years ago, the Anglican and Eastern Churches still do. Actually, most of the requests for my personal interpretation of Uriel have come from people who study angelology. 
I envision Uriel as more feminine than the other Archangels, and tried to make him/her androgynous. (The caretaker of the Earth must have maternal instincts.)
The Luna moth is symbolic of seeking the light, i.e., wisdom and truth. The frog represents a vanishing species that was once a symbol of fertility; the dove, Uriel's association with Noah and the renewal of the Earth after the Great Flood. The border of ripe fruit symbolizes the month of July. 


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