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The Celtic Connection


rendan the Navigator was the first of the "Great Irish Saints" to inspire me. And in the course of doing research about him, I discovered the fascinating legends and lore of other ancient Celtic heroes. 

There was Fiacre, patron of gardeners; St Brigid and her Celtic prototype, the Triple Goddess;  Columba who started a war over books; Dymphna who fled to Gheel; Gertrude of Nivelles who hosted many of the Irish missionaries; Gobnait the patron of Beekeepers; Ita, Brendan's first teacher; Ivo of Kermartin, the Honest Lawyer...and more....

By clicking on the Anachron images below, you'll be able to find out much more about the "Who What, When, and Where."


 Everything is available in most of our media, and Brendan, Brigid, Fiacre, Ivo and Gertrude are also available as sculptural plaques.