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Spirit Stones


"This small stone was fashioned first by nature; smoothed by the waves, water and sand of Michigan's Great Lakes. Eventually it was discovered by an artist as she walked along the shore. Though admiring its natural beauty, she was drawn to make something more of it. Combining a variety of old art forms with new technology, she created this original, handcrafted piece." (inside the small card)

Stones will vary in size and shape. They can be ordered as "smaller" or "larger." "Smaller" size is smaller than a quarter; "Larger" is approximately the size of a quarter or even larger. You can specify this on your order and the price is the same.They are sealed with a special resin that gives a smooth, high-gloss finish, and should withstand years of handling. The back carries the artist's hallmark.


Included in the velour pouch:


  • A self-stick hook & loop dot for attaching to various surfaces, if desired
  • A small card with info about the piece
  • A greeting card w/ envelope with a large image of the saint/angel/hero depicted on the stone.
  • Inside the card is the legend and lore surrounding the saint, angel, or folk hero.


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“Pat, Thank you very much. My husband is in the Navy onboard submarines. Five years ago I purchased a stone for him, which he kept in his stateroom. Recently while the flooring was being replaced in his stateroom the stone went missing. This was very upsetting to him. I couldn't find your website to order him a new one so I ordered a gold pendant of St Brendan in its place. He called me this morning saying he found the prayer that came with the stone and it had your website on it. I logged on immediately (then called you) and ordered his stone. I then ordered the pendant for my self and will hang it from my rearview mirror in my car to feel closer to my husband while he is out to sea. We do all we can to keep the heart connection while we are apart. Your company helps us do that and we thank you for this blessing. Peace and Grace,” - Leslie

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To order, click on the image below. You can then choose which saint you want from the drop-down list of names.