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Ivo Poster

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Ivo of Kermartin
(or Ives, Ybus, Yvo, Ivo of Helory)
Feast Day: May 19

Patron Saint of Lawyers, Advocates, Canon Law, Judges, Notaries, Abandoned Children, Orphans, and Brittany

. . . . . . . . . 
Actual size: 12" x 18"

The symbolic imagery:
Ivo is preparing a legal document. The sun might be rising or setting - in either case, representing a long day of diligence. A dove sits atop the scales; a gavel rests on the desk; books are scattered throughout. The child is an orphan who has found shelter and the dog is a medieval interpretation of "Cammy," our new associate. 

The Border: clockwise from left top, the lion represents courage and is one of the symbols traditionally associated with Ivo; the flag of Brittany; Archangel Michael, patron of justice and defender of the helpless; the crane represents keeping watch over others; the loaf of bread, Ivo using his own resources to feed the poor; "Themis, Blindfolded Goddess of Justice," and the saying about Ivo.

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