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For the last decade, I’ve been acquiring beautiful gemstones and unusual findings and in 2013 finally began incorporating them into a collection I've called Evocations. 

I view them as small, three-dimensional, expressionist sculptures that are meant to be held and felt as sources of comfort and inspiration. The stones not only have intrinsic beauty, but are often believed to have healing properties.

I’ve designed each piece with one of “my” saints in mind, with the idea that they will evoke the spirit and the story that a particular saint represents.  Therefore, each piece includes a small spirit tag with the image of that saint. (It can be removed and worn separately.)

They are meant to be versatile: Chaplets can often be worn as bracelets; necklaces can also be prayer beads.  Sometimes they can be reversed or worn in different ways. 

Each is one-of-a-kind and can’t be duplicated. I like to think that a bond is created as I transfer my energy, feeling and focus into the artwork and then to its owner.

I try to ascertain that the components are “fair trade” and do not exploit workers or the land.  Everything else is created in our Michigan, USA studio. 

(I love the way the artisans who carved some of the focal pieces use the colors of the stones for inspiration. Each one is unique. Their tactile properties make them true "touchstones." )




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Included with each piece:

  • A velour pouch and gift box. 
  • A greeting card with the original Anachron on the front and the story of the saint inside.
  • A card explaining the Evocations concept (essentially the description [Artist's Statement] above).
  • A small card saying "May the spirit of __________ go with you." 
  • A small (approx. 1/2") “spirit” tag with an image, under glass, of the saint I had in mind when creating it. These are detachable and can be used separately.
    Our Hall Mark is embedded in the back. (See below right.) 



side detail of a carved focal piece

side view of a carved gemstone




 (click for enlargement)





Examples of the carved gemstone focal pieces, side view.

(Note: The actual colors might not be exactly as depicted.)


Purchases from this collection will help fund The Saints Preserved Project, as we build an online community of spirit-led individuals who want to spread good works and good words.

We do offer quite a few less expensive alternatives, including Spirit Tags, Touchstones  and other Art-to-Wear.  

We also provide PayPal installment payments. 

Many more pieces are on the worktable. Please check back, or better yet, sign up for our newsletter.