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Dymphna of Gheel

(Dympna or Dimpna)

Feast Day: May 15

Patron of Mental Health Caregivers, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Family Happiness, Incest and Rape Victims, Mental Institutions, Mental and Neurological Disorders, Chemical Dependency, Runaways, and Sleepwalkers

The symbolism and inspiration:

Dymphna has been a long time in the works. It's taken years, actually, for her image and story to come together. But finally she did, and I like her very much.

First is the quote from Sr. Corita Kent, who was a major influence on so many creative spirits - ranging from me to Buckminster Fuller (and that's quite a range!!).

Then, the luna moth, symbolic of seeking light in darkness. The moon is of course the symbol of "lunacy" and the flying geese were used by Celtic monks to symbolize the quest for Christ.

The moray eel represents evil; the bottle, addiction. The sun is rising and she holds her lantern as a beacon for safety in the stormy seas.

On the border is a Celtic cat (symbolic of creativity, nobility, and protection) and two trout (symbolizing spiritual healing and rebirth). The jester is part of her legend.

 (You might want to take a look at St. Dymphna at Saints Preserved for Facts, Folklore, Freebies & More.) 

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