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Brigid Goddesses Anachron

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Brigid the Goddesses

Celebration Day: February 1 or 2 (Imbolc)

Poetess, Muse, Physician, Healer, Smith, Warrior

Brigid the Goddess is inextricably joined to Brigid the Saint by intricate Celtic knotwork woven from threads of history, legend, fact, fantasy and necessity. Venerated in Ireland, Wales, Britain, France and Spain, she is known as Brigid, Bridget, Brighid, Brighde, Brig, Bride, Brigit, Brid, Briggidda, Brigan, Brigindo, Brigandu. Her name means variously "The Exalted One, "Power," and "Fiery Arrow of Power." She is believed also to be the source of the Anglo goddess Brigantia and perhaps even earlier, a Sun Goddess.

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Available in four sizes: 
Approximately 5 ½ x 7 ½ inches, 7¼ x 10 inches, 10 x 13 inches, & 12 x 16 inches

(Please see the Anachrons main page for more details.)

The symbolic imagery:

The three personae of Brigid stand behind a well in which their reflected faces are merging. An infant reaches out for flying luna moths; a hedgehog strolls among spring flowers. A knotted border entwines the cycles of the moon, the sun, an egg, cattle, geese, capricorn, acorns, bells, and various other symbols.

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